Stuart McAlpine Miller - Sunbather to Fear (Beezer & Topper)

Sunbather to Fear

This individual piece is now sold out, however it is still available as part of the Leader Of The Pack Framed Portfolio Suite - Click here to buy now.

The confidence is undeniable yet perhaps unproven.The powerful pose and suggestion that all who stand in her way may be destroyed, gives the viewer a sense of admiration for this figure. Clearly confident in her stance she seems oblivious to her surroundings and afraid of nothing. This is a manufactured pose, given credit by the countless publications who repeatedly impress this upon the viewer. A cliché and yet one in which we all follow and approve of. The background motion suggests a hidden fear, attempting to escape from an unavoidable situation. The raised foot proving that the final outcome will result in

Giclee On Paper
Image Size 28" x 19.5"

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